Celebrating Ian Leaf’s Book

Ian-leaf-bookA few days ago, I mentioned the new book by Ian Leaf, but in case anyone has missed it, I’ll say it again because it’s just that good! Ian Leaf has just released a brand new book called, “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home” which does exactly as the title says; it teaches you how to start a HFC business right from the comfort of  your own home.

You can see on the page of Ian Leaf’s book, he credits me in his book by saying there are, “Tips and tricks from Ian Andrews himself on how and why to run an HFC business from home.” What an honor! If you’re still not convinced this book can help you, here are just a few reviews of the book from some very satisfied buyers.


Tina Fowley 55, New Jersey—”I have done a lot of work from home and businesses in my time. They were great experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This book revolutionized everything I know about business, especially running one from home. Thank you Ian Leaf!”


Jon Joyner 35, Florida—”This book has changed my life. Why spend your time making money for someone else? This puts your time back into your own hands and your money right back into your own pocket.”



Shelby Ornello 41, Kansas—”Not only has ‘Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home’ given me my life back, it has also allowed me to open more jobs in my area. Now I’m the business owner. I’m the ‘boss’. I have used this to create opportunity for everyone else.”